Thursday, February 9, 2017

100 things every guy should own....

If you're a guy you should have this, In no particular order at all:

1. Land - I don't care if it's a quarter acre lot in some remote place. Get some. Nothing says 'Merica like owning a chunk of earth.
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2. A truck - Haul stuff. It's what guys do. Diesels are the best but get what you can afford. Jalopys are ok too. Nothing like learning the fundamentals of mechanics. Don't forget the saying "a good friend will help you move, a really good friend will tell you NO."
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3. Grill - Unless you build your own, just get a classic charcoal Weber. Nothing is better than this, trust me. Don't be the dope that spends $700 on the egg. You could be spending that money on meat. Or, if you're a vegetarian you could spend that money on sweet corn (grills nice) and tampons. Either way, just get the Weber.
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4. Flashlight - What!!!!! I just saw a flashlight for $488! Are you kidding me? Look guys, think about how often you're gonna use this thing....if you're a night owl, I could see stepping it up some, but for my money I would just get the three battery Maglite. It's tough and could also double as a hammer.
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5. Rifle - My standard rifle is a Marlin 30-30. Does the job and it doubles as a sledge hammer and still shoots. Tough gun.
Image result for marlin 30-30

6. Thermos - The green one. Here's a pet peeve of mine: if you buy a damn thermos for coffee, don't put fricking soup or stew in it. Just put coffee or tea or whatever in the container. Get a separate container for foods. Have some dignity. I like the Thermos brand. Get this one.
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7. Rope - Have 50' of rope at your disposal. You need this. There is  plenty of different types of rope from climbing to construction. You'll know what type to get when you see it. Just remember that some ropes give a little and some give a lot.
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8. Atlas - It's the first part of traveling. Know your world.
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9. Razor - I'm about to save you a ton of money. Get you one of those razors that have the disposable blades. The blades are so cheap. I mean cheap. It takes a little getting use to, but you'll be ahead of most schmucks when you strap one of these on your face.....and wallet.
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10. Water hose - Don't go cheap on me here. It's an important tool. Get the industrial kind. Usually about 50 smackers at your local hardware store. Just get the fifty footer. If you need more, then double up. It makes for easier storing.
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11. Shotgun - 12 gauge. Don't get an automatic. Pump action or double barrel is best. Great for home or property protection. From slugs to bird shot, you can't go wrong with this tool.
Image result for double barrel shotgun

12. Sunglasses - Get a good pair. Make sure the lens is made of glass and not plastic. Plastic scratches too easy. Trust me on this. You're allowed to splurge on quality.
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13. Coffee maker - I would say buy you a good traditional maker, but my wife uses a French press and it's just takes coffee to the next level. The Frogs (aka the French) have one thing down, and that's coffee. Don't get the glass one either. Buy a nice metal one. It'll hold the heat better and won't break if you drop it.
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14. Cards - You never know when the opportunity comes up to have a little fun and take your friends money. Keep it friendly. And if you owe money, be damn sure you pay it. Plus, learn a couple of tricks to show the kids. It helps them question things.
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15. Gloves - These hands could stop a chainsaw....or at least use to could. Momma said "never trust a man that wears gloves." I think she meant a man that wears gloves all the time. Thats why my hands used to be so brutal. Anyway, a pair of gloves come in handy sometimes, just not all the time.
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16. Pistol - Get a .357 revolver. All you need. S&W is my choice. Plus, you don't leave shells laying around....or gangster.....just never know. Plus, it never malfunctions. Ever.
S&W Model 686 Plus Revolver .357 Magnum 6" Barrel 7 Rounds Rubber Grips Stainless Steel Finish 164198

17. Pocket Knife -  Get a Case or Old Timer, either one will do. Get the double bladed knife, not the one with three blades. Use one blade for the good stuff, and the other one to "f" stuff up with. The three bladed one sits too thick in the pocket.  Bonus: If an old man ever asks you to "drop knives", don't.
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18. Watch - I wear a Timex Iron Man. It tells time. Hard. I once left it tied to my upside down kayak, in the dirt for three months and found it in working order. It's tough, It's cheap. It tells time.
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19.Machete - My cousin swears up and down by the "Woodsman's Pal." Yeah, they are pretty nice, but expensive. You're choppin' weeds, not whittling an art project. I say just get ya one of those cheap bastards at Wal-Mart. Does the job. Here's a pic of one of those woodsmans things.
Image result for woodsman pal

20. A Nice Suit - I'm not putting a picture up here for this one. You should just know that you should have one. For church, business, weddings, funerals, etc. Dress the way you should....don't go to a funeral like you're some kinda hobo. That goes for weddings and church too.
Image result for woman screaming

21. Wallet - Keep it organized. So lately, I've been carrying a zipper wallet. I don't keep all my stuff in there.....just the important stuff like ID, one credit card, and one debit card. My old man's wallet is so thick, it's like sitting on a phone book. Why he carries that thing I don't know. Anyway, here's the one I carry. It's made by Chums.
Image result for chums wallet

22. Work boots - Don't go for fashion, go for function. And by function, I mean comfort. I don't like steel toe boots and would never own a pair. I do Timberland work boots, but I'm sure there are some better ones out there. Point is, don't show up to the job site wearing something that looks like you're about to play a pick-up game down at the Y.
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23. Tent - If you go camping solo a lot, get a 2 man. I like the 2 man tent because I can get my stuff out of the weather. If there is two of you, get a three man. A good one is usually not that heavy. I have a North Face I've been using a lot, but also have a Marmot in my bug out bag that's nice as well. Anyways, don't go cheap on camping gear.....
Image result for north face 2 man tent

24. Sleeping bag - Western Mountaineering makes the best. THE BEST. But, who can afford one? Not this hombre. Not that I wouldn't spend the money, but I don't do extreme cold weather stuff, so I just stick with the Marmot bag I have now. It's super comfy and lite, and does the job.
Image result for marmot sleeping bags

25. Canoe or kayak - I would say get the kayak over the canoe, but I have both and both have different uses. The canoe I fish from, the kayak is for fun. Either way, WATER.
Image result for canoe and kayak

26. Desk - Every guy should have a desk. In fact, you should sit at it once a week and write something. Computers are great, but nothing like the art of lines and circles that can communicate thought. If nothing else, write a chore list for the kiddos every week. It's fun and as CEO of the family, it's your duty.
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27. Pen - How are you going to make money if you don't have a pen? I have a nice fountain pen I use when I want to write something fancy. For regular stuff, I use a Skillcraft. They are the best. Throw all of your pens away and get a box. I remember my dad having these pens from his time in the military.
Image result for watermark pensImage result for skilcraft pens

28. Wife - A good wife is hard to come by. It took me 45 years to find mine. Well worth the wait. Here's a picture of mine. We have 5 kids, 2 cats and a dog. Never a dull moment.

29. Umbrella - Get a good, big one. One for two people. You know, so your wife doesn't get wet while she's holding it for you.
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30. Leatherman - Not the cheap knock off brands you can get for $10. The cheap ones don't last. I have the simple one. I'm not sure what style it is, but here's a pic.
Image result for leatherman

31. Camera - I may concede this one. Most phones have a camera built in that are pretty good. I have a Canon A-1 that is kept in storage. It uses film and I don't want the added expense of development. I also have an old Polaroid, but the film for that thing is too damned expensive, but could be a lot of fun. I've often thought about breaking it out for family night. Anyway, if you have a camera on your phone, you can probably skip this one.
Image result for canon a1

32. Shop Vac - It's the vacuum for guys. It's great to have for cleaning out the truck, cleaning up shop mess or sawdust. Get one, they are handy.
Image result for shop vac

33. Hair clippers - It's a great way to keep your barber employed. But seriously, if you need to lower the ears in a pinch, they can be handy.
Image result for hair clippers

34. Fire safe - Keep your important stuff in one, safe place. I have a couple of these that I keep birth records, passports, legal stuff, etc. in. It'll keep an honest man, honest and most have some sort of fire rating.
Image result for small fire safe

35. Knife - Outdoor type. I have to be honest here, I have some sort of infatuation with knives. Probably comes from watching Johnny Weismuller when I was a kid. Make sure you get one that is full tang. That was FULL TANG. For my money, I think the Schrades are pretty good. They are inexpensive but are built to take a licking. I'm sure the brand can be debated, but Schrade is best for the money in my book.
Image result for schrade knives

36. Sewing Kit - Don't be a sissy. A man should know how to sew a button or put on a patch. Hell, even Rambo knew how to sew, albeit it was his own skin. You should have one handy. Thanks mom for showing me how to sew a button.
Image result for sewing kit

37. Skillet - I do all my cooking in one big ass skillet. Bacon, eggs, burgers, mac and cheese, steak, soup....whatever. Get a good one. I found a really good, over sized skillet at TJ Maxx several years ago and still use it till this day.
Image result for skillet pan

38. Cutlery - Get a good set that will last you forever. Make sure it's a reputable brand so when you lose that one knife, you are able to reorder it to avoid that annoying empty slot in the block.
Image result for cutlery

39. Lock - I like the combination locks pictured below. No more keys.
Image result for combination locks

40. Ladder - I'm sold on the multi-position ladders. They fit easily into the back of a truck, and can be used as a step or extension ladder. Plus, the weight capacity is higher than most of the standard home ladders.
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41. Rod and Reel - I like a good bait caster. Whatever works for you though. Just have one.....or some. Guys fish. If you've never gone fishing, plan a trip. It's relaxing and fun. If you really get into fishing, step it up and learn to fly fish. My dad used to tie a wooden match on the end of my fly rod line and let me practice the cast without snagging into something.
Image result for baitcaster

42. Tackle box - This is the brains of fishing. Ask you local bait shop guys whats best for your area, then fill it with lures, jigs, weights, corks or bobers, leads, and lines. Have fun!!! And by the way, you don't need a huge one to catch a huge one.
Image result for tackle box

43. Chainsaw - You should have a chainsaw and know how to properly use one. I like a 16". If I needed anything bigger, I would just call Roy my local lumberjack. Lumberjacks are a different type of people. Fun and a little crazy. Most lumberjacks use Stihl, I however have a Husqvarna.
Image result for stihl chainsaw

44. Liquor Cabinet - All good Presbyterians have one, and the Baptist lie and say they don't. Stock it with your poison. I like Jack Daniels....not often, but when I do, it's handy. Stock it with clear and dirty liquors. Anything from the South is better.
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45. Stereo - Don't forget the speakers. Preferably a stereo with a turntable. Is that vanity fair? It's the one thing hipsters have right.
Image result for stereo system

46. Hand tools - Don't cheap out on these items. I mean it. There are two things a guy should never part with: tools and camping/outdoor gear. You get what you pay for. Buy good name brand tools
here is what you need in a household kit. Hammer, measuring tape, pliers, crescent wrench, allen wrenches, screw drivers (get the all in one), chalk box. nippers, speed square, combination square, torpedo level, nut drivers, razor knife, putty knife, sanding block, chisel, 2 pound hammer, scraper, pencils, coping saw, regular saw, sheetrock knife, and nail set. I'm sure there's something left out, but this will get you started. Oh...don't forget socket sets and wrenches. As you get older, you'll accumulate more tools and there's nothing wrong with that. I would put a picture of my tool box on here, but ya'll would probably get jealous....or most of you would.
Image result for full tool box

47. Binoculars - I have a pair of my dads old ones. He got them while in Germany. The ones to get should be heavy duty and adjustable to your vision.

Image result for binoculars

48. Post hole diggers - I like to call them "my PHD." The new fiberglass handles are pretty nice and a little lighter too.
Image result for post hole diggers

49. Ax - Get one with a hickory handle, they are easier to replace. Don't get the double bladed because you can use the other side of the ax as a sledge when needed.
Image result for ax

50. Baseball glove - Every guy should have one. Who doesn't like to play catch. Turn off the tv for once and get your ass outside and throw.
Image result for baseball gloves

51. Zippo - All the cool kids have one. Even if you don't smoke. It's classy Americana.
Image result for zippo

52. Hammock - The Eagles Nest has a  really good camping hammock. It's made out of parachute material and bundles up into something the size of a softball. I bought a couple of knock offs on Amazon to give as Christmas presents that are pretty good too.

Image result for eagles nest hammock

53. Bow saw - When you can't carry a chainsaw, this sucker comes in handy. Great for cutting small trees or big limbs.
Image result for bow saw

54. Shovel - There are different types that do different things. Round point, square point, sharp shooter, trencher, scoop, etc. Really though, you only need two unless you're in construction. Get the round point and square point.
Image result for round point and square point shove

55. Belt - You should have a black dress belt, a casual belt, and a work belt. Unless you've won them in a rodeo or a cage fight, don't make 'em gawdy. Keep it simple.
Image result for belts

56. Heavy bag - Make sure you tape your wrists when you punch your stress out. You'll thank me for it when you get older.
Image result for heavy bag

57. Family Bible - The Christian one. Make sure it has a family tree in it so when you pass it down to the offspring there is some kind of record. And read it. Jesus Christ was THE man, and in this book it tells us how we can approach God the Father through Christ. Besides all that, God wants to bless us.
Image result for family bible

58. Books - While I'm thinking about it, I want to list ten books you should have in your possession. In no particular order:
The Law by Frederic Bastiat
The Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard
The Sovereignty of God by AW Pink
75 Bible Questions Your Instructor Prays You Don't Ask by Gary North
Against the State by Lew Rockwell
How Your House Works by Charles Wing
How Your Car Works by Keith Smith
FM 21-76 Army Survival Handbook
Days of Vengeance by David Chilton
Essential Manners for Men by Peter Post
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59. Bicycle - I'm not sure which is the best brand for your buck. I have a Giant. It's probably the best bike for my money. One of my friends has spent thousands on a bike, but he's an enthusiast...and a lawyer, so he can afford it. My cousin had a single speed 29" and it was so much better than my 26". Either way, just go to a bike shop and don't get one from Wal-Mart. They are shitty.

Image result for bicycle

60. Spotlight - Great for having in the truck. If you need to see a long way in the dark, these things are awesome. All kinds of things come out in the dark, and with one of these things, you can literally spot them.
Image result for spotlight flashlight

61. Backpack - Gregory's are the best. Super comfy and can take a beating. I have the Baltoro for my long hikes. I also have an Army issue Medium pack I use for short trips. Both are great. Get one for your gear. Get a good one though. Backpacker magazine usually has a "best of" every year.
Image result for gregory baltoro

62. Dolly - You can't do it all yourself.....or can you? One of these things will save your back. Get a good one.
Image result for dolly cart

63. Rain jacket - Just keep it in the truck under the seat. Get a good one that will last.
Image result for rain jacket for men

64. Trash can - Look. You're the man. You take out the trash. It's what you do. It's what you will do from now till you die. Get a good one. Don't buy one of those cheap Wal-Mart types. I have two with wheels, and one of these pictured below. The two with wheels, I use for household trash, the other is just for putting incidental stuff in, like leaves, vehicle trash, etc.
Image result for trash can

65. Dog - Next to your wife, this will be the best companion you will ever have. Therapy in an animal. Oh, and you can go on-line and get it one of those "Service Dog" vests, and they are allowed just about anywhere. Here's a pic of mine.

66. Weights - I just have a pair of dumbells left. You can do a lot with a pair. If you are more enthused, go ahead and go all out with a bench. Mine are just 15 pounders, but 20's is probably better.
Image result for dumbbells

67. Stationary - Don't be a sissy, writing a letter is a lost art. Your stationary should have a lot of brown on it. Stay away from flowers and rainbows unless you want to send the wrong message.
Image result for stationery for men

68. Flask - As a good Presbyterian, you never know when you might need a little covert "pinch."
Image result for flask

69. Scales - You're getting older....and more comfortable. Keep an eye on your weight with a good scale. Get one where you don't need a battery. Too bothersome.
Image result for weight scale

70. Mattress - You spend a third of your time in bed. Might as well be comfortable. Springs are out. The best mattress I've ever owned was 100% cotton and heavy AF. Mattresses have come a long way, get a good one, you deserve it.
Image result for mattresses

71. Golf clubs - I have a pair of crappy clubs. It matches my game. Even worse, I picked up a bag from Salvation Army that is old and smells like mildew and has duct tape to hold it together. Like I said, it matches my game. If you want to impress, make it with your game, not the name brand. Golfing is a lot of fun and for me at least, a stress reliever.
Image result for golf clubs

72. Briefcase - I don't like the old traditional briefcase. It looks too much like mini-luggage. Besides, for my line of work, I hardly ever use one. To each their own. Just have one in case you need it.
Image result for briefcase

73. Outdoor chair - Don't waste your money on a new chair every season. Get you one that will last. Look at the frame and the feet of the chair. Is the frame thick? Do the feet have a big footprint? Usually the price is a good indicator whether the chair is quality or not.
Image result for outdoor folding chairs

74. Indoor chair - Personally, I don't like recliners. But whatever. You should have a good chair just for you. Consider it your thrown.
Image result for chairs

75. Cooler - Who needs 5 days of ice? Gracious, those Yeti coolers are ridiculous. Get you two medium sized coolers, one for drinks and the other for food. Good to go. You don't need to spend $300 plus dollars to keep some cold cuts chilled. Also, if you have a "Yeti" sticker on the back of your truck, please drop what you're doing and go rip it off right now.....unless you're getting paid to advertise for them. It kinda says "schmuck" whenever I see that sticker.
Image result for cooler

76. Tennis or Racquetball - Fun past time when you actually have an opponent who sucks as good as you do. Get a good one at a used sporting goods store.
Image result for racquetball

77. Wheel barrow - The plastic ones are nice, but the metal ones are the way to go. Keep it in the dry and it will outlive you. Don't go cheap on tools.
Image result for wheelbarrow

78. First Aid Kit - Get two. One for the truck and the other for the house. Bumps, scrapes, and bruises are part of life. Be prepared.
Image result for first aid kit

79. Luggage - Remember when we talked about an Atlas being the first part of any trip? Here's the second part. Get some with wheels. You're going places, make sure your stuff is going with you.
Image result for luggage

80. Fire extinguisher - The way you cook, you may need one by the stove. It never hurts to be ready for a catastrophe. Sometimes pouring water on a fire is the wrong thing to do. This is pretty much a fail-safe way to put out a fire.
 Image result for fire extinguisher

81. Tie downs - Make sure you get the ratchet strap type. The other ones are just stupid and a waste of money.
Image result for tie downs

82. Shaving Kit - It's not the actual "kit." It's the bag. You put all your personals in it like meds, deodorant, tooth brush, etc. Get one that will last you a lifetime.
Image result for shaving kit bag

83. Gas can - Plastic ones are ok. They are the most common. But if you really want to step it up, get the metal ones. They are a bit more expensive, but are a lot better.
Image result for metal gas can

84. Car jack - Don't waste time with anything other than a floor jack. The ones they "give" you with your vehicle are not that great. Bottle nose jacks are good for pumping up a house. The floor jack is quick and easy and hydraulic. Get one. Now.
Image result for car jack

85. Butcher knife - I have an Old Hickory butcher knife I use when I get the pleasure of cooking. The wife and kids call it the "rusty" knife. Yeah, it rusts, but doesn't that just add to the flavor. Get one of these knives for your kitchen. You won't regret it.
Image result for old hickory butcher knife

86. Extension cords - Don't get anything less than a 12 gauge.
Image result for extension cords

87. Duffle bag - Even if you don't go to the gym, they are handy for small road trips. Don't get one too big though. They actually come in sizes S, M, L, XL. I stick with the medium because I go lite.
Image result for duffle bag

88. File cabinet - Get a small, two drawer filing cabinet for your home office. We all have papers we need to keep organized. Do it this way.
Image result for file cabinet

89. Chuck Taylors - Every guy should own a pair. All the cool kids have a pair. Be a cool kid. My mom got me my first pair when I was a freshman in high school.
Image result for chuck taylor

90. Baseball cap - Every man on the face of this planet should have a baseball cap. Preferably a fitted one.
 Image result for atlanta braves baseball hats

91. Come-along - If you don't have a four wheel drive, keep this in the truck. Like attorney's, you'll be happy with it when you need one.
Image result for come along

92. Corkscrew - It beats using a regular screw and the claw part of a hammer. Plus, it will be more classy.
Image result for corkscrew

93. Nail bags - Occidental leather makes the best. Bar none. But you can get some pretty good ones if you're not into the construction line of work. You should really have one for doing stuff around the house. It will keep the wifey from standing there, with her hands on her hips, handing you stuff. Side bags are the best in my opinion, but some carpenters prefer the front aprons.
Image result for tool belt

94. Circular saw - I have been through a bunch. My saw of choice at the moment is a Bosch. I have a Makita and a DeWalt in the shop, and they are both as good as the Bosch. Don't hold back on spending money on tools. You get what you pay for.
Image result for bosch circular saw

95. Air Compressor - Don't get a cheap one. For the shop I have an 80 gallon. You're not gonna be hauling that thing around to a project. For most uses, just get you a small one like the one pictured below. It will run pneumatic tools or fill the tires up with air. Great for incidental home use.
Image result for air compressor

96. Musical instrument - You may never be a Mike Watt, or a Dale Crover, but why not expand your horizons a little and learn to play an instrument. We have a guitar in our living room that I play sometimes when I want the guests to leave. Point is, learn to play something. It's fun and opens a different part of your brain.
Image result for guitar

97. Chain - Have about 25' of chain at your disposal. Make sure you have hooks on the end of it.
Image result for chain

98. Reciprocating saw - Don't buy a cheap one. This is a handy tool. Very handy.  From pruning to construction work, it's ever as important as the circular saw.
 Image result for reciprocating saw

99. Cordless drill - This is the only cordless tool that you own. Super handy around the house or out on the construction site. This tool is as important as a hammer. I mean it. And don't go out and buy a cheap one. Get a good one. The batteries last longer, they are more durable, and usually have more torque.
Image result for cordless drill

100. Passport - There is nothing more educational than traveling. There is a reason why so many shows and books are devoted to the experience travel brings. It makes you more tolerant. You learn how to deal with others and learn about different cultures. It's like having mini-adventures. Embrace humanity, it's what God does.
Image result for passport

I'm closing this out with a some thoughts:
1. The two things a man should never, ever get rid of are tools or outdoor/camping gear
2. When it comes to tools and outdoor gear, don't buy the cheap stuff
3. You should travel as much as possible
4. Don't forget to thank God for all we have in our life, the good and the bad

God bless, Frank


  1. I absolutely love this. It was informative and funny. You're the best...glad I made the list ;-)

  2. That's a great blog Frank! You are informative and your wit is hilarious! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. 101. Project Car taking up 1/2 of garage. One day she'll run again.

    102. Projects taking up the other half of garage; these can be anything from old outboard engines to furniture to small boats. . Every 6 months or so, reorganize the garage to better access the projects, maybe even fiddle with something for a couple of hours.

    1. Haha...omg, you must have been to my shop. Never enough time, is there?

  4. Came across your blog via Lew Rockwell. Very interesting list you've compiled here :)I have 57 of your 100 items. Yeah, I counted them. :)

    I have a couple addendum's to add.

    When you go for that shank of rope, get braided, not that twisted hemp in the picture. Braided is stronger, lighter, lasts longer and is much easier to coil back up. Costs a little more but is soooo worth it.

    Musical instruments are another thing you don't want to go cheap on. Yep. You can get a $50 guitar but chances are you'll get so frustrated trying to learn to play it that it will quickly become a wall hanging or be relegated to the closet. Kinda like a cheap knife.

    1. Valid. Thanks for adding to the list. You and I could conquer stuff.

  5. Do I get a prize for having all 100? The only differences I had were caliber of rifle (I went bigger because elk require heavier, faster moving bullets), and the zippo lighter... I prefer a propane brazing torch with the push button piezo ignitor. Great list! I 100% agree!

    1. You get no prize. But you do get the claim of being the manliest man that knows how to read and use the internet. Hell I don't even have everything on this list, haha. I'm about 3 short.

  6. Hell,I already have everything but the floor-jack!

    1. You're as cool as a cuke, then. Glad you liked the list.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Well I have 95 out of 100. I don't need the luggage. The backpack does double duty for me on that one. I don't travel anywhere that I would want to lug around luggage or store it after I get someplace. Metal frame ones for heavy lifting and long distance hiking work for me but that's from being "Light" infantry. The others I don't have are corkscrew/bar/flask I don't drink anymore after a lifetime of tipping back more than was decent. Then the spotlight, again redundant, with modern flashlights the need for a spotlight is gone. My best flashlights will blow that spotlight away big time. But all in all a fantastic list!

    1. Great points. We could still be really close friends. Glad you liked the list.

  9. Wife? That's the one thing a man doesn't need. Guns? If you hunt, maybe, but they're mostly just expensive toys that the vast majority will never use in an emergency.

    so are you saying if you don't have these 100 things I am not a man, or are you saying that men own these things. Hate to break it to you, but nobody owns land...try not paying your rent to the county.

    Not everyone has to be your kind of man, frank, but you put the list out there. A circular saw, LOL! I guess you spend alot of time shopping. That is what a real man does, right? Shopping?

    A man doesn't need things in order to define himself. Unless he's not a man.

    1. Maybe you could write a blog in Womans Journal as soon as your nails dry

  10. Andrew L., etc: Gotcha on owning land info. We own a house in town free and clear still gotta pay taxes. Every person needs a handgun for home protection incl single men. Retired men don't need suits. Churches are more casual and so are funerals. We don't attend weddings, people we knew went to the court house and married, then have a private get together with gifts. I have not gone to "church weddings" when invited, made good excuse (comnpany) By the way, who needs four kids today unless they run a dairy farm, but today crop farming is high tech machinery. Retirees do not need most this stuff as they hire the work done, or live in retirement community. Mr and Mrs M.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinions, even though some of it sucks. We have 5 kids now. I hope to join you in retirement in about 4 years. Stay cool amigo.

  11. I dont have a tennis raquet, or a boat, or a flask or liquor cabinet, but I have everything else on the list,

    a .38 revolver, a Kahr K9 9mm, double barrel 20 gauge, several other rifles and shotguns, a fantastic wife, several 4wd trucks,three different chunks of land,

    the commenter that said only hunters need guns, uh, there may be a day when you need to defend yourself or your family, and waiting 20-45 minutes for the cops to show up might be a little too long.
    with that kind of thinking, I suppose you dont need a fire extinguisher either, since you can always call a fire dept and wait for them to show up.

    1. You are right. That is a great (and funny) point about the fore extinguisher. We are friends now.

  12. A good many read, even for a woman hater like me. I'm a go at all stations except for the rifle. I prefer a manly rifle like a .338 Win Mag. As I say, if it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing. Go big or go home.

  13. The only thing I don't have is the heavy bag, but I agree with the idea of owning one. I used to train on one for a few years. It is also great for practicing Muay Thai kicks (devastating). If you can punch it for several minutes you will find out if you actually can deliver a decent punch. If you strain your wrist or thumb, you're doing it wrong. Train enough and you just might not get THROWN from your THRONE.

    1. Another great tactic in fighting is walking away....if you can do it. Thanks for posting amigo.

  14. mike watt... i'd go for d. boon. libertarian and listens to perfect music. we'd have lot to talk about :)

    i needed 45y to find me a wife. it was worth waiting

    1. We should be friends. We are friends. I'm looking you up on fb.

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  16. This is a great list that we women can use to buy the men in our lives gifts. As a single lady, I wouldn't mind having the stuff on this list too......except the wife of course.

  17. I own or have owned all but 3 of these
    Mainly because I don't drink

  18. Not sure what a Bible has to do with God but it has some good writing in it. Some not so much.

    1. It's a book about God. And it's a great...the greatest book ever. I'd like to ram it down all nonbelievers throats ;)

  19. Great article. I have some work to do.

    I'd add one thing, and that's jumper cables. Never know sometimes when you're gonna have a dead battery, much easier to ask for a jump when you have cables.

    1. Great point! T hugely will make the next list.

  20. Great article and list. I got very nostalgic reading because I had most items but sold everything to move to Eastern Europe to be with my wife. Not certain of the value in the trade off ;-)

    1. Haha! Welp, hope things are well now. Bring her back to the states if needed. Stay thirsty my friend.

  21. my wife and I enjoyed very much, thanks

    1. Hey Robert! It was a blast to write. Glad you enjoyed it.

  22. Never thought I'd see a reference to David Chilton and Gary North along side the Melvins and the Minutemen. Next time include James Jordan and the Dead Milkmen and the circle will be complete.

    1. Absolutely! Love the DM. Big Lizard was in heavy rotation for years.

  23. I'm with you on at least 90%, pard, but there is one glaring oversight: Vice Grips